Yearly Archives: 2010

iPhone Wallpaper

Mmm, circuity. Sometimes I get a thing stuck in my head and I just have to take care of it before I can do anything else. I’ve been wondering what a circuit board background would look like on my iPhone … Continue reading

Secrets of PowerMate 3.0

It’s taken a while, but PowerMate 3.0 was finally released today. I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some of the features that may not be obvious right off the bat. Continue reading

iPad: A Skeptic’s Review

The announcement of an Apple tablet had been perennially rumored for announcement at MacWorld and WWDC events over the years, yet for the longest time, the announcement failed to happen. Until finally, at an Apple event last January, they finally pulled the curtain back on the iPad. Given what Apple has created over the years, my expectations for a table were very high. Too high, I suppose. I don’t know what I expected, but what Apple demonstrated was essentially an oversized iPhone. That doesn’t make calls. The usual suspects hailed it as a breakthrough. Revolutionary. Even magical. Continue reading

PowerMate Care and Feeding

Every now and again I’ll get an email at work asking for documentation, or sample code demonstrating how to communicate with the PowerMate. Generally, I’ll send out some sample code (taking the time to create a sample if I can’t recall where I stashed it the last time), and make a mental note to come up with a better solution someday. Continue reading

Photographer at Large

Yesterday I got an message from someone representing, requesting permission to use one of my photos in a slide show they are creating for that site. I’ve made all of my photos available under the Creative Commons Attribution license so anyone is free to use them however they like, so long as I’m credited. Still, it’s always nice to receive some notice.

Continue reading