Photographer at Large

Yesterday I got an message from someone representing, requesting permission to use one of my photos in a slide show they are creating for that site. I’ve made all of my photos available under the Creative Commons Attribution license so anyone is free to use them however they like, so long as I’m credited. Still, it’s always nice to receive some notice.

Unless I’m contacted, I usually won’t find out that one of my photos is being used somewhere unless I happen to notice an unusual spike in the number of views a photo is getting. That’s what happened when Skype used one of my photos in a blog post last summer.

Of course, now that I’ve completed my Project 365, I’m no longer watching my photo statistics very closely. Nor am I uploading many photos (although I think about dusting of my D40 more and more often). Anyway, I started to wonder where else my photos might be showing up on the interwebs. Here’s a sample of what I found:

There’s a bunch more, but you get the idea. It’s pretty cool that people like my photos enough to use them like this. If you want to use one of photos, be my guest, I love it! And if you want to let me know you’ll be using one of my photos, that’s even better!