Yearly Archives: 2005

2005: Year In Review

Pretty interesting. Discuss. Oh and in other news I got the spaceship out today and set a new personal 2 wheel land speed record: 102 MPH (indicated).

Alex’s Christmas Note

Alexandria left a note for Santa tonight
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That’s Entertainment!

What do “professional” wrestling, soap operas, and news network talk shows have in common? Pretty much everything near as I can figure. They are all designed to contrive some controversy to keep the audience interested and hopefully talking about the latest “episode” at the water cooler to encourage more viewers/listeners
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Here’s to Griffin

Griffin’s annual Christmas party was held on the 3rd floor of Bound’ry restaurant here in Nashville and it was a great time as usual. Well, I say as usual, but I’ve only been to one other but I enjoyed myself. Good food, drinks, and company. And you can’t go wrong with a chocolate fondue fountain. And, I somehow resisted the urge to place foreign objects in said fountain.
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Something horrible happened this week… our beloved Tivo Series 2 died (I have been having rotten luck with electronics lately). It seems that a power outage, followed by the power flickering on and off several times might have been the culprit.
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