Yearly Archives: 2012

A Change of Plans

Originally when I started this fitness thing my goals were pretty simple. Lose weight. Specifically, I wanted to get to a “normal” BMI which, for me, is a maximum of 184 pounds. I reached this goal through a combination of … Continue reading

Circuit Wallpaper Update

Now for iPhone 5 Once upon a time I made a circuit board looking wallpaper for the iPhone which turned out to be pretty popular. Really popular, actually. Kind of cool to see random people out and about using it … Continue reading

Family of Losers

For awhile now I’ve realized that our family has had a weight problem. Not just me, but my more importantly, my kids. It was getting to the point that even friends and extended family members would gently suggest that something needed to be done. Continue reading

150 Calories

Each day, and sometimes multiple times a day I visit the Fitness and Loseit sub-reddits for encouragement and support as I continue this journey. It’s not an easy thing and seeing everyone’s progress inspires me to keep going. So many people have made some amazing transformations, it’s just remarkable. Continue reading

Super Speller: The Beginning

It occurs to me I haven’t really talked about my little indie app over here on my personal blog. We released a new version today so I thought I might talk about how it came to be and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading