iPhone Wallpaper

CPU Wallpaper w/circuits
Mmm, circuity.

Sometimes I get a thing stuck in my head and I just have to take care of it before I can do anything else. I’ve been wondering what a circuit board background would look like on my iPhone for several days and I finally just had to make one and see. I’m sure someone else out there has already made something like this (and better), but it didn’t occur to me to look until I was about halfway done.

I made two variants. I did one with just CPUs so I could make sure everything lined up the way I liked, then I did another with resistors, and caps, and vias, and little traces, the whole enchilada. And now I can’t decide which I like better. The circuit board variant may be just a little busy. The CPU only version is nice, clean, minimal. I like that. I can’t decide…

Anyway, I put them up on flickr. You can grab them there if you like.