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App Store Category Breakdown

Lately I’ve been wondering about the composition of the top apps on the App Store. You may remember that a while back I took a look at the composition of the Top 200 paid / grossing apps versus the number of submissions in each category. I kind of wanted to look at it in a slightly different way this time. Continue reading

iPad: A Skeptic’s Review

The announcement of an Apple tablet had been perennially rumored for announcement at MacWorld and WWDC events over the years, yet for the longest time, the announcement failed to happen. Until finally, at an Apple event last January, they finally pulled the curtain back on the iPad. Given what Apple has created over the years, my expectations for a table were very high. Too high, I suppose. I don’t know what I expected, but what Apple demonstrated was essentially an oversized iPhone. That doesn’t make calls. The usual suspects hailed it as a breakthrough. Revolutionary. Even magical. Continue reading