Yearly Archives: 2009

Project 365: 300 days

Hello again blog. Another 100 days have passed (and then some) and I was looking over my Project 365 pics trying to make sense of what flickr thinks is interesting and what it does not. Continue reading

Project 365: 200 days

Wow, look how long it’s been since I’ve written anything here! My blog gets pretty neglected what with Facebook and Twitter. Usually I don’t have, or am too lazy, to compose any thoughts longer than a few sentences and those two services provide an adequate outlet for my micro thoughts Continue reading

Project 365: 100 days

I’m jumping the gun a bit since I’ve not posted or taken my 100th picture. That will happen sometime today. But I was curious to look at my progress, so there. Continue reading

The Great Music Wars

So yesterday iTunes dropped all DRM from their music. This is good. In addition, they added a variable pricing scheme where some of the really popular tracks would be $1.29, but never fear (says Apple), this will be offset by many tracks which will be $0.69. The majority of tracks should remain $0.99. Continue reading

McNabb Mines

The McNabb Mines was apparently a small mining town built in the early 1880s and abandoned around 1910. This place was supposedly just sitting right there next to a lonely stretch of road along the banks of the Tennessee River and only maybe 20 minutes or so from where I was supposed to eat lunch. Continue reading