Yearly Archives: 2004

Gallery Update

It’s been quote a while since I updated my gallery, but I finally got around to adding some of the stuff that’s been laying around my computer for a quite a while. Besides the main gallery, I’ve added the following … Continue reading

More email Trouble

Looks like I’m still having email troubles. Some emails will get through, and some won’t. Until I get everything worked out, you can contact me at casey at (replace the at with an @). Hopefully I can get the … Continue reading Continue reading

World of Warcraft Ate My Brain

For the longest time I swore that I would never ever ever buy a game that required a monthly payment to play. I couldn’t understand how someone could justify first paying $50 or so for a game and then tacking … Continue reading

pr3d4t0r email

It looks like I may have lost a few messages sent to over the past few days. My former employer was handling my email and they decided to prevent access to their mail servers from outside of their LAN, … Continue reading Continue reading

Ultimate Sacrafice

I had hoped I never make an entry like this one on my site but sadly, I found out over the weekend that some close friends of the family, Kim and Angie Barbret back in Michigan, lost their son in … Continue reading