Yearly Archives: 2010


I was watching the news last night, which is odd because I almost never watch the news. Anyway, there was a story about these two golfing buddies. These guys were out golfing and buddy number one steps up to a par 3 and aces it. Hole-in-one. Buddy number two, not to be outdone, knocks in a hole-in-one for himself. Back to back holes-in-one. Pretty amazing. Continue reading

Top’s Up

Work continues, albeit slowly, on my built-in bookcase project. Last weekend I got the top up and the lighting installed. Continue reading

What Am I Doing Now?

Last year was the year of photography with my Project 365. This year I’m turning my attention to my home. I’ve kind of ignored it for a while, I suppose. Just living here and not paying too much attention to making many improvements, unless they were forced upon me. It’s been easy, over the years with all my various distractions, to turn a blind eye to some things that I really should have addressed sooner. Continue reading