Yearly Archives: 2003

The next Lisa Guerrero?

Well, it’s official. My wife was able to pick the winner in just as many NFL football games on Yahoo’s Pick Em this year, and I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it. We both ended up picking 165 … Continue reading Continue reading

Dang literacy

Last night while Sue and I were watching a movie, our six year old daughter Alexandria came running downstairs shouting, “Momma! Momma! I was upstairs in playing in your closet and I saw a present that said ‘To: Alex / … Continue reading Continue reading

’03 Flyer squawk 4657

I see according to AvWeb that president Bush is supposed to speak to the crowds at the Outer Banks in North Carolina on Wednesday, which of course, marks the 100th anniversary of powered flight. There was supposed to be a … Continue reading Continue reading

A new member of the family

After many many discussions, my wife finally convinced me that we should get a dog. We’ve talked about this for years and years and I’ve always resisted. Finally after seeing my son play with my brother-in-law’s little dog in Michigan, … Continue reading

Prison mates?

Anyone catch this on Bob and Tom this morning? Here’s an interesting example: Name: Gayle Release Date: Jun. 2006 Crime: Petty Theft . . . Then later, her profile says “I’m erotic, honest and loyal…”. Obviously her honesty conflicted … Continue reading