Yearly Archives: 2002

Genealogy Update

I’ve finished the first pass of the John Lain (Lane, Layne) Sr. tree and there are over 900 Layne’s in the database now. Next up, I’ll finish up my first pass of the Robert Tate Sr. tree. The database has … Continue reading

35.4478°N, 85.6282°W

I didn’t find the old cemetery, but I did finally go down into the “Bullet Hole”. The “Bullet Hole” is an area at the base of the Grassy Ridge trail along the Big Creek in the South Cumberland Recreation Area. … Continue reading

A walk in the woods

A fine book, but not the subject of this post. Tomorrow, I’m planning on going for a walk/hike in Tarlton, aka Collins River, Valley near Beersheba Springs. I’m trying to find an old cemetery down there in an area known … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Yesterday, I drove back home after visiting family in Chattanooga. I had to stop by Dunlop to drop off my niece at my sister’s house. Instead of coming back home the usual way, which is up Highway 8 to McMinnville, … Continue reading Continue reading

Fleser done, Layne begun

I’ve finally finished entering all of the written information I have on the Johann Leonard Flößer (Fleser) line. Any additions, corrections, or comments are very welcome, requested even. I’ve begun filling in the next line that I’ll be tracking, John … Continue reading