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Sharing with PowerMate

Both Chrome and Safari allow the execution of javascript via AppleScript. I have no idea about Firefox or any others, I didn’t bother to check. Anyway, it would be great if I could just bop the PowerMate whenever I have something I win to pin / save / tweet / share, etc. So I created a PowerMate trigger with a custom AppleScript. Continue reading

Secrets of PowerMate 3.0

It’s taken a while, but PowerMate 3.0 was finally released today. I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some of the features that may not be obvious right off the bat. Continue reading

PowerMate Care and Feeding

Every now and again I’ll get an email at work asking for documentation, or sample code demonstrating how to communicate with the PowerMate. Generally, I’ll send out some sample code (taking the time to create a sample if I can’t recall where I stashed it the last time), and make a mental note to come up with a better solution someday. Continue reading

Attention PowerMate fans

For all of you PowerMate owners out there that don’t need all the bells and whistles available in Proxi, there is a new beta release.
Continue reading

The Thinking Behind Proxi

A while back there was an idea for a device that, without getting into much detail, needed a little software written to push some information to it. The scope was pretty narrow and it started me thinking that perhaps if I wrote something to broaden it’s scope, and yet still satisfy the requirements of the project, that that might also broaden the appeal.
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