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Genealogy Update: Layne Edition

A few months back I attended a reunion for the descendants of Henry Miller Layne where the desire to document my ancestry was reawakened after a long long slumber. My initial “research” consisted of little more than copying research originally … Continue reading

Catching Up

Now that Terrella is done I can turn my attention to a bunch of other stuff I’ve been neglecting for far too long, not least of which are my other apps (working on it). But there are some things around … Continue reading

Of Cats and Cousins

Besides the obvious enjoyment I get from piecing together clues to discover my family history, one of the other benefits over publishing my genealogy online is “meeting” distant relatives. Continue reading

Ancestor Top 10 for 2008

A long time ago, back when I was really actively working on my genealogy, I would post a list each month of my most popular ancestors according to number of page views each had. I think I’ll do that again. This time for the year 2008. Here we go: Continue reading

Genealogy Update

A couple of notes for my genealogy visitors:
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