Genealogy Update

A couple of notes for my genealogy visitors:

I’ve updated the TNG genealogy software to v6.1. The big addition here is support for Google Maps. It’s pretty nice, but I’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of me not only figuring out lots and lots of latitudes and longitudes, but cleaning up duplicate, misspelled or otherwise screwed up locations. If you know me, you know this may in fact never actually get done 🙂

For an example of an entry the uses Google Maps, check out the entry for my great grandfather: Victor Tate

The other thing, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, I sometimes tend to let suggestions back up a bit before I go through and update the site, but I always get to them! Thank you for taking the time to suggest corrections or additions, I really appreciate it!

Oh and I’m up to 6,666 individuals in the database! More stats here.