Catching Up

Now that Terrella is done I can turn my attention to a bunch of other stuff I’ve been neglecting for far too long, not least of which are my other apps (working on it). But there are some things around here that I’ve updated recently as well.

First, the genealogy section of SGnTN has been updated from TNG v7 to TNG v10. Yeah I was a little behind with that. But hey it’s all updated and shiny now so if you’re one of my genealogy visitors please take a look. And if you’re looking to create you’re own genealogy site, definitely take a look at TNG. The software and the support are top notch.

Besides those interested in genealogy, I get a lot of visitors looking for information on iOS release and device compatibility. Specifically, this post I made 2 years ago. I’ve finally taken some time to update that information and give it a permanent home. Hopefully I’ll be updating it next week when the new iPhones are announced.

Now if I can just find a minute to update my circuit board wallpaper for iOS 7…