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MarsEdit 4

Finally got around to updating to MarsEdit 4 this morning. Not that the update isn’t worth it, rather I’m just really good at procrastinating. In fact I plan to try and get even better at procrastinating one day! I’ve been … Continue reading

What Apple Needs

So there’s been a lot of talk lately about Apple’s rejection of Podcaster from the App Store. Reaction has been almost universally negative and at least one noted developer has decided to discontinue developing iPhone software.
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Proxi v1.5

Today I posted an update to Proxi. This release could almost be called version 2 given the user interface changes, but I’m calling it version 1.5. Here’s a list of the changes:
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Preview: MarsEdit 2

Daniel Jalkut has a little preview of MarsEdit 2 (the hot potato of Mac software) up on the Red Sweater Blog.
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Missing Tiger’s Stripes

If you saw the WWDC keynote you know that Leopard brings a few changes to the desktop including a spiffy new translucent menu bar.
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