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Still Alive

Every now and again I’m like, oh right I have a blog. Like when you’re watching Twitter implode and wondering whether or not it’s worth caring about and if an alternative should be considered. That equals: Oh right, I have … Continue reading

Sharing with PowerMate

Both Chrome and Safari allow the execution of javascript via AppleScript. I have no idea about Firefox or any others, I didn’t bother to check. Anyway, it would be great if I could just bop the PowerMate whenever I have something I win to pin / save / tweet / share, etc. So I created a PowerMate trigger with a custom AppleScript. Continue reading

Nashville / Griffin Video

The last couple weeks J has been roaming around the office and Nashville getting all this footage and no one was quite sure what it was. Continue reading

Why Add Your Facebook Status to Twitter?

It’s pretty simple to let Twitter set your Facebook status, so why not just do that instead? I tried that for a time and, in my case, many of my Twitter followers are more tech savvy than some of my friends and family that use Facebook, and so some of the, geekier topics let’s say, aren’t going to be of any interest to many of them. Continue reading

California Dreaming

It seems to me that that tweet I posted earlier needs more than the 140 characters alloted by Twitter. Also I tend not to remember my dreams, so this is a bit unusual and I wanted to write it down before I forgot.
Continue reading