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Nashville / Griffin Video

The last couple weeks J has been roaming around the office and Nashville getting all this footage and no one was quite sure what it was. Continue reading

On the outside

Well looks like I was mistaken. In my last post I mentioned that I was asked for some input on the new Music City Bloggers site and the possibility was raised of some sort of partnership with a digg like companion site. As it turns out there was only one person with any real interest in that idea.
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Once more with feeling

Yesterday while I was busy cleaning up later watch fights between big robots (in disguise), NiT was placed in suspended animation. I guess it’s going to turn into something else? No one knows. What we do know is that the community is not content to let WKRN set their agenda for them.
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A Man and His Dog

Yesterday there were some videos posted on NiT which showed a man riding a scooter with his dog (Sandy) riding pillion. The post is titled Someone Call PETA and included the phrase “another video of that same awesome dog riding on the freeway with his boneheaded owner”.
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Yesterday I asked for your help in choosing the final entrant in the Nashville Flugtag. At the same time, a group of folks at work decided to make a last ditch effort to push us over the top.
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