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Why Add Your Facebook Status to Twitter?

It’s pretty simple to let Twitter set your Facebook status, so why not just do that instead? I tried that for a time and, in my case, many of my Twitter followers are more tech savvy than some of my friends and family that use Facebook, and so some of the, geekier topics let’s say, aren’t going to be of any interest to many of them. Continue reading

Proxi can do that too!

I ran across a post on Daring Fireball today which described using a perl script along with ThisService to search Google for selected text and replace that text with a link to first result returned by Google. Very handy, but I wanted to achieve the same functionality using Proxi.

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Searching for Jesus

Remember when John Lennon said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus? Neither do I. I wasn’t alive then, but I know of this imfamous quote. Well now we have a tool from Google that will allow use to answer this question.
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