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A Minor Clarification

So a few days ago I wrote that I didn’t really have any shows that I watch on television. It turns out that this is not 100% accurate. There are, I believe, three television shows, that are still active, that I watch and have seen all the episodes aired so far. They are: Continue reading

Heard But Not Seen

I don’t really listen to music on the radio or spend much time looking for new artists and such. Nor do I watch much television, but I’m glad my wife does. She tends to watch the kind of sucky shows that feature music by new artists or established artists with new music, and if I weren’t for that my iTunes library would probably be much smaller. Continue reading

I know I’m self centered but…

My wife just asked me: “Are you finished with the universe?”

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Both the name of a popular television show and an apt description of the people behind the wheel of this show. I was reading some of my local bloggers thoughts regarding last night’s episode and can’t help but add my thoughts.
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Why the Olympics suck

So I tried watching some of the Olympics tonight and the experience was as it has been the last several times I tuned in to try and watch some of this years games. It went something like this:

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