A Minor Clarification

So a few days ago I wrote that I didn’t really have any shows that I watch on television. It turns out that this is not 100% accurate. There are, I believe, three television shows, that are still active, that I watch and have seen all the episodes aired so far. They are:

Tricia Helfer: Not ugly
Tricia Helfer: Not ugly

Battlestar Galactica: My wife seems to think that this show sucks, but that’s because she’s not watching it. The final season begins tonight and I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up. This is one of those sci-fi shows which has more to do with human condition and not so much lasers or blowing up planets. The questions raised in parallel with current events are really interesting and make me think. And, yeah, I guess Tricia Helfer is pretty easy on the eyes, which doesn’t hurt.

LOST: My wife does not think this show sucks. Although it was touch and go for a while there with me, but I think they’ve gotten back on track. I bought episode 1 of LOST from the iTunes Store sometime after about 30 episodes had aired. Then I bought another, and another, and another, until I had watched the first 38 episodes of LOST and then I had to wait each week like the rest of America to find out was going to happen to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and the rest on The Island. In addition to the big mystery, just what is this island, there are all these little tangents and side mysteries to unravel. Lostpedia lists 99 mysteries with 30 solved, 32 partially solved and 27 unsolved. Plus I really love all the little easter eggs and cultural references built into the show. I was, for a time, quite obsessed with The Numbers. It’s the only show I’ve ever watched a second time just to try and find little clues in the background or in single frames. Just a lot of fun in so many ways. Only two seasons left for them to wrap up those 72 mysteries plus the other dozen or so that they’ll introduce over the next 2 seasons.

Don't mess with Betty!
Don’t mess with Betty!

Mad Men: Another one Susie and I agree on. And another one I started watching on iTunes (specifically Apple TV) after people on Twitter would not shut up about it. I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this show so much. I guess it’s a combination of seeing what appears to be an authentic unvarnished look at the social, cultural, and political changes taking place as a backdrop to some really interesting characters working in a Madison Avenue ad agency during the 60s. In addition to a variety of minor characters, I keep watching to see how Dick Whitman becomes Don Draper and whether this dual life is ever reconciled. Peggy Olson’s climb to the top of Sterling Cooper in a man’s world and Betty Draper finding the role of housewife not what she had expected.

So those are my three shows. I can say that I have never seen a complete episode of any the the 37 different CSI shows. I watch the comically bad singing bits of American Idol from time to time, but could give a crap when it actually comes time to vote. I’ve not seen House or Prison Break. I nearly started watching Pushing Daisies but then I stopped. 24, Desperate Housewives, and Heroes were also good for one season, then I’d had enough. Just not a lot out there that grabs me and keeps me interested for any length of time I guess.