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The Great Music Wars

So yesterday iTunes dropped all DRM from their music. This is good. In addition, they added a variable pricing scheme where some of the really popular tracks would be $1.29, but never fear (says Apple), this will be offset by many tracks which will be $0.69. The majority of tracks should remain $0.99. Continue reading

Heard But Not Seen

I don’t really listen to music on the radio or spend much time looking for new artists and such. Nor do I watch much television, but I’m glad my wife does. She tends to watch the kind of sucky shows that feature music by new artists or established artists with new music, and if I weren’t for that my iTunes library would probably be much smaller. Continue reading

Stay Out of the Basement!

I finally had cause to actually try and create something in GarageBand over the weekend.
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Meme too

An iTunes meme as mentioned by Emily Hambridge:
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Speak For Yourself

Back in June I was scrolling through the top 100 songs on iTunes Music Store and stumbled across a tune called Hide and Seek by someone named Imogen Heap. Never heard of her… oh but what a great voice. Awesome song. $0.99 and many listens later I was trying to find out more about Ms. Heap. What I found was that her new CD, Speak For Yourself, was going to be out “real soon now”.
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