Both the name of a popular television show and an apt description of the people behind the wheel of this show. I was reading some of my local bloggers thoughts regarding last night’s episode and can’t help but add my thoughts. That’s right I haven’t posted in over a month, and nothing including the recent scandals in Washington, or elections or the continuing fiasco in Iraq has motivated me to post until now. Something that really matters: a television show.

I’ve been losing interest in the show this season and it was a toss up as to whether I’d be spending my evening killing Locust Horde in Gears of War or giving Lost another go. Since last night episode was the “fall finale” I figured the XBOX could wait an hour. I should have played GoW, the story is more interesting. Lost is no longer so much about the mysteries of the island, the others, Hanso, and the DHARMA Initiative as it is the story of who makes Kate’s heart go pitter patter. I could care less. I mean have we really learned anything this season about why the others are there and the other topics I mentioned above? Last season’s show ended with researchers in Antarctica, or somewhere, registering seismic activity and phoning Desmond’s long lost love. Er, was that going anywhere? Is any of this going anywhere? The best bet for getting the show back on track might be for Evangeline Lilly to get arrested for drunk driving. All you Losties know what happens to your character on the show if you get arrested.

So it seems that Lost, if it hasn’t jumped the shark already, it’s certainly wearing a leather jacket and putting on water skis. Which leaves me with only 2 remaining shows that I try to watch as they air: Heroes (God help me I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment here) and Battlestar Galactica which just seems to get better as it goes along, but is slated to move to NBC which makes me a bit nervous. If worse comes to worst, the Tivo always seems to have plenty of Daily Shows and Colbert Reports for me to watch.