Circuit Wallpaper Update

CPU Wallpaper w/circuits
Now for iPhone 5

Once upon a time I made a circuit board looking wallpaper for the iPhone which turned out to be pretty popular. Really popular, actually. Kind of cool to see random people out and about using it as their home screen.

I’ve never been perfectly happy with it, but not so unhappy that I’ve gone back and messed with it. Since the introduction of the iPhone 5 I’ve had several requests to create a 1136 x 960 version, which finally gave me an excuse and the motivation to clean it up.

Among the problems with the original:

  • At some point, Apple changed the spacing of the icons on the home screen, but I never updated the wallpaper so icons didn’t quite line up with the CPUs and leads.
  • Some of the leads coming off the CPUs didn’t have anything connected to them.
  • The width and spacing of the traces aren’t consistent and don’t line up on pixel edges.
  • Just generally sloppy

While making the 1136 x 960 version I took the opportunity to fix all those things. And while it still doesn’t make me totally happy, it’s much better. See if you can spot the differences below.

The Old vs New

I ended up making 6 different versions, three at 1136×640 and three at 960×640. One is the complete circuit with CPUs, another without the CPUs, and one that is only the CPUs. You can find them at imgur or flickr. Enjoy!