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The Hard Part

When it comes to most things, especially if I put my mind to it, I’m fortunate enough to become pretty good them. Or at least proficient. Especially, and I hope this doesn’t come off as egotistical, at writing software. It’s … Continue reading

Better Living Through Software

I’m getting ready to release my second app with Quiet Spark and it occurs to me that in both cases I created something that attempts to solve a problem I’ve personally encountered. While I can, and do, write software that … Continue reading

Super Speller: The Beginning

It occurs to me I haven’t really talked about my little indie app over here on my personal blog. We released a new version today so I thought I might talk about how it came to be and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading

Every 90 seconds

There are currently 530,652 apps on the store and that number is increases by one roughly every 90 seconds. If you could somehow manage to download an app every second, it would take you a little more than 6 days to download every one, during which time another 6,145 apps would appear on the App Store. Continue reading