Yearly Archives: 2012

Sharing with PowerMate

Both Chrome and Safari allow the execution of javascript via AppleScript. I have no idea about Firefox or any others, I didn’t bother to check. Anyway, it would be great if I could just bop the PowerMate whenever I have something I win to pin / save / tweet / share, etc. So I created a PowerMate trigger with a custom AppleScript. Continue reading

App Store Category Breakdown

Lately I’ve been wondering about the composition of the top apps on the App Store. You may remember that a while back I took a look at the composition of the Top 200 paid / grossing apps versus the number of submissions in each category. I kind of wanted to look at it in a slightly different way this time. Continue reading

Empire Avenue: Trading Influence

So I stumbled across Empire Avenue this evening. Another web site sort of like klout or peerindex but this one has a bit of a twist. Continue reading

Making Good on My Threat

A few weeks back I mentioned that I’d been thinking about an overhaul for the old web site here. Well, I finally made good on that threat (except the roots section, it still looks all old timey). I didn’t start … Continue reading

Pro Bowl Excitement

I enjoy football, but somehow I’ve never watched a Pro Bowl. No one else really seems to pay attention to it. There’s not a lot of “water-cooler” talk after the game so I maybe that has something to do with … Continue reading