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Backwards Compatibility on the App Store

The imminent release of iOS 8 and the new iPhones from Apple got us thinking about updating our Quiet Spark apps to take advantage of some of the new features that will be available. Most importantly (at least to us) … Continue reading


93% of customers are using iOS 6. So Apple’s published this chart recently that I’m sure most of you have seen. It claims that 93% of customers are running iOS 6 and 99% are running iOS 5 or later. If … Continue reading

App Store Turnover by Category Pt. 2

Yesterday I took a look at the turnover and composition of the Top 400 grossing iPhone chart by category which is, unsurprisingly, dominated by games. 75% of the top 400 grossing apps are games. I thought today I would drill … Continue reading

App Store Turnover by Category

There have been some stories recently about how games continue to dominate the charts on the App Store and have even been increasing that lead. Seems like someone mentioned, or perhaps I just thought it to myself, that while games … Continue reading

App Store Category Breakdown

Lately I’ve been wondering about the composition of the top apps on the App Store. You may remember that a while back I took a look at the composition of the Top 200 paid / grossing apps versus the number of submissions in each category. I kind of wanted to look at it in a slightly different way this time. Continue reading