Proxi v1.5

Updating my software makes me so nervous.

Today I posted an update to Proxi. This release could almost be called version 2 given the user interface changes, but I’m calling it version 1.5. Here’s a list of the changes:

  • Changes to make Proxi a better Mac OS citizen such as:
    • UI changes which fit better with established conventions especially in Leopard.
    • Moved ProxiLib.framework into the application itself.
    • Moved ProxiCore.bundle and skype.bundle into the application itself.
  • Added Application Monitor trigger.
  • Reduced startup time and memory usage.
  • Added an alert to the Key Press task when selecting a “Press” style stroke.
  • Added icons to trigger and task menus.
  • Added “game mode” to PowerMate trigger
  • PowerMate trigger icons now indicate type of trigger
  • Added editing commands to trigger and task menus
  • Added Duplicate function for triggers and tasks
  • Skype should no longer ask permission to allow Proxi to work with it on every launch.
  • Added ability to set Skype mood in Skype task
  • Bubble text color now defaults to black.
  • Fixed a problem where unknown components in a blueprint could cause data loss.
  • Other minor changes and fixes.

If you’ve not heard of Proxi, I could describe it, but I’ve always had trouble summarizing Proxi in a few sentences. Happily Proxi is mentioned in a new book by Rick Ralston called The Designer’s Apprentice: Automating Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign in Adobe Creative Suite 3. Rick provides a great description:

Proxi resembles Automator in both interface and function; however, it differs in two important respects: It includes an automated trigger system that Automator lacks, and it’s geared to system and application events (while Automator is focused more on file processing). With Proxi, you build a set of tasks (like Automator’s workflow) called a Blueprint and assign a trigger to it. Triggers can be time- or event-based and included filters to included or exclude conditions when the trigger fires.

You can grab version 1.5 here.