Searching for Jesus

Remember when John Lennon said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus? Neither do I. I wasn’t alive then, but I know of this imfamous quote. Well now we have a tool from Google that will allow use to answer this question.

Jesus v Beatles

Perhaps in 1966 the Beatles were more popular, but 30 (d’oh) 40 years later, Jesus wins hands down. Maybe if we look at some more contemporary artists. Like Coldplay?

Jesus v Coldplay

Looks like the release of X&Y pushed them ahead briefly, but pretty solidly Jesus otherwise. Perhaps another demographic in music.

Jesus v Britney Spears

Britney Spears was giving The Lord a run for the money until mid 2005 or so. Ah, but Lennon said he would have gotten away with if he’d said television was more popular than Jesus. I wonder what that looks like

Jesus v Television

Though I wouldn’t call it a blow out, television is winning this particular contest. Especially if American Idol is on.

Jesus v American Idol

So there may be some things that are more popular than Jesus, but not by much, right?

Jesus v Porn

Oh… yeah… well there is that.