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The Thinking Behind Proxi

A while back there was an idea for a device that, without getting into much detail, needed a little software written to push some information to it. The scope was pretty narrow and it started me thinking that perhaps if I wrote something to broaden it’s scope, and yet still satisfy the requirements of the project, that that might also broaden the appeal.
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I was beginning to lose faith in the little project I mentioned here a while back. Though I was pretty vague in my description and SGnTN isn’t exactly a terribly popular site, my expectations were a little higher for the number of people that might be interested in the closed beta.
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Sneak Preview

I’ve received blessing from work to set up a little closed beta for my latest project. It’s actually more of a preview. Beta implies that the feature set is frozen, and I’m really only about 2/3 of the way along.

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