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Please Make it Snow

Monday I came from home from work and was greeted excitedly by my son: “Daddy, I made six signals to Mother Nature asking for snow tomorrow. Let me show you.” Continue reading

Best of Whose Line Sound Effects

Earlier today there was a clip claiming to be the funniest Whose Line Is In Anyway which made it to the front page of digg. While it was a pretty funny clip, I’m not sure it was the funniest.
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Lord knows I love my wife to death. But, sometimes she says the strangest things. For example after I got home from work today (technically yesterday, which may end up confusing things… anyway) we had this conversation:
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Happy Morning!

This is like 5 days old which is an eternity on the internets so I assume most everyone has already seen it. Still, I just love this “commercial” from Folgers.
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She hit you where?

A conversation yesterday my son Aaron, and my wife Sue

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