Lord knows I love my wife to death. But, sometimes she says the strangest things. For example after I got home from work today (technically yesterday, which may end up confusing things… anyway) we had this conversation:

Me: “Hey I’ve got that trip tomorrow, could you wash that one pair of jeans for me?”
Susie (indignant): “Now why didn’t you ask me that today!?”
Me: “Uh… It… is today?”

This isn’t quite as good as other such gems as “I plead the first!” in response to being asked to reveal an uncomfortable truth, or my personal favorite as we were driving in Fall Creek Falls state park upon spotting some deer along side the road:

Susie: “Oh, look at those deer.”
(rolls down the window)
Susie: “KA-KAW! KA-KAW!”

Now, I’m not exactly and expert on deer, but I’m pretty sure that shouting “KA-KAW!” is not the method employed by deer hunters when trying to lure their quarry. Any hunters out their may feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.