Please Make it Snow

Make It Snow (19 / 365)
Aaron’s Signals

You ever tell someone a story and then think hey that might make a good blog post. This is one of those.

Monday I came from home from work and was greeted excitedly by my son: “Daddy, I made six signals to Mother Nature asking for snow tomorrow. Let me show you.” He’d written Please Make it Snow on several pieces of note paper and taped them to the wall in the living room. These were his “signals”. “So you’re not happy having Friday and Monday off from school and you want school to be closed tomorrow too?”, I asked. He said he did. I told him not to get his hopes up since no snow was forecast for the next day, it was just supposed to be cold. He remained confident despite this.

Tuesday dawned and it was indeed snowing a little bit, but not enough for more than a dusting so off my kids went to school. I asked him about his signals when he got home. They did work he informed me matter-of-factly. Mother Nature had made it snow, just like he asked. But, regrettably, he had forgotten to ask for enough snow to close school.

Historical note: Barack Obama was also sworn in as the nation’s 44th President on that day.