Yearly Archives: 2013

App Store Turnover by Category

There have been some stories recently about how games continue to dominate the charts on the App Store and have even been increasing that lead. Seems like someone mentioned, or perhaps I just thought it to myself, that while games … Continue reading

To Thine Own Self Be True

I would rather us do the best we can for a first release then to just throw in the towel and say whatever. I think anything we do should be with high standards. That is what will set us apart … Continue reading

WWDCs Past

Just a table of information about WWDC dates and announcements over the last 8 years. Year Announce Date Announce Day of Week Conference Date Week In June (full) Days Notice Time to Sell Out 2005 Feb 15, 2005 Tuesday Jun … Continue reading

Better Living Through Software

I’m getting ready to release my second app with Quiet Spark and it occurs to me that in both cases I created something that attempts to solve a problem I’ve personally encountered. While I can, and do, write software that … Continue reading