Project 365: 200 days

Evolution (34 / 365) No Photos Allowed (20 / 365)
#1. Evolution
(36 / 365)
#2. No Photos Allowed
(20 / 365)
Moonlight (35 / 365) Video Game Violence (55 / 365)
#3. Moonlight
(35 / 365)
#4. Video Game Violence
(55 / 365)
Icons (161 / 365) No Way Out (43 / 365)
#5. Icons
(161 / 365)
#6. No Way Out
(43 / 365)
Assimilation (57 / 365) The Globe (78 / 365)
#7. Assimilation
(57 / 365)
#8. The Globe
(78 / 365)
Will I Ever Make Explore? (75 / 365) Day's End (112 / 365)
#9. Will I Ever Make Explore?
(75 / 365)
#10. Day’s End
(112 / 365)

Wow, look how long it’s been since I’ve written anything here! My blog gets pretty neglected what with Facebook and Twitter. Usually I don’t have, or am too lazy, to compose any thoughts longer than a few sentences and those two services provide an adequate outlet for my micro thoughts. If it seems lonely over here, well you know where to find me.

This is supposed to be about my Project 365 though. But it’s kind of related. I set out on this project, taking one picture a day, every day for an entire year, and it was supposed to help my with several things. Learning about photography, taking up something and sticking with it, partitioning my time, getting out more, etc. And it has helped in some of these areas. We’re 204 days into the year and I’m still taking pictures.

On the other hand there have been some negatives as well. I’m starting to look at my camera with dread and count the days until the end of the year. This doesn’t seem like a good thing. And you can see, as you go through all of these pictures, that I’m just not putting the effort into it that I did initially. Of my top 10 most interesting pictures (according to flickr), 5 of them were taken during the first 2 months of the project. Only two were taken during the last 100 days and of those, one just happened to get linked to a very popular blog.

Part of the problem is that this project has worked a little too well in some ways. For example, I’ve started exercising and trying to watch my weight. So now I weigh myself daily, and go to the gym as often as I can. What’s happened is that now it’s usually very late before I have a chance to think about a photo and not only is there a time constraint, but also an environmental one. Limiting myself to a picture between 10PM and midnight doesn’t afford quite as many photo opportunities as you’d think.

So, I need to work this out somehow and try and raise the quality of my photography again somehow.

In the meantime, the list hasn’t really changed much since last time. Sylvan Stream, Night Settles on LP Field, and Fillin’ Station are gone from the list. New on the list are:

  • Icons is a picture I took out at WWDC this year. It’s really of my icon for Lucky 7 Slots, and isn’t amazing or anything. What happened was it got linked to a Skype blog post and has gotten lots and lot of exposure and has zoomed all the way to #5 and is still getting lots of views each day. Thanks Skype! 🙂
  • No Way Out is a pretty old picture actually and the only Photoshop composition in my Project 365 set. I really had fun making this and wish I had more time to devote to stuff like this. I’m not sure why the sudden burst of interestingness, but it’s jumped up to #6
  • Day’s End is one that I’m really happy with. It squeaks in at #10. I went out to Hurricane Creek Recreation Facility on Percy Priest lake a few months back and took some pictures around sunset. And really liked the way it turned out. This one was even linked to by Nashvillest for their photo of the day. Thanks Nashvillest! 🙂

That’s about it for my photography update. Until next time then. Perhaps I won’t wait 3 months for the next update. Or maybe I will.