Mood: encouraged

I was beginning to lose faith in the little project I mentioned here a while back. Though I was pretty vague in my description and SGnTN isn’t exactly a terribly popular site, my expectations were a little higher for the number of people that might be interested in the closed beta. So, only a handful of people so far, but that was ok because I figured a small group might be easier to communicate with.

But then, I really wasn’t getting any feedback either, so I started to wonder if maybe I was on the wrong track. Maybe people didn’t like it? Maybe they installed it and it was too bewildering so they ignored it and moved on? Maybe they were abducted by aliens!? Well, that’s starting to change.

Last week, a comment showed up that included this:

Overall, this is a really cool concept. And I look forward to finding more ways to use it, and also breaking it some 😉

and then yesterday:

Wow this is excellent! I’ve set it up to control front row via the airclick and to monitor itunes track changes. I wasn’t expecting such i nice ui. I can’t think of too many things to improve but i’ll try to think of as many as i can…


This morning I noticed this mention on Nowhere Man’s blog (he doesn’t seem have permalinks so you’ll have to search for iNotify). He mentions using it to trigger spoken announcements when an RSS feed updates or new email arrives. Awesome.

So I’m cautiously optimistic 🙂 And of course, if anyone else is interested in checking out (the soon to be renamed) iNotify just let me know.