Dang literacy

Last night while Sue and I were watching a movie, our six year old daughter Alexandria came running downstairs shouting, “Momma! Momma! I was upstairs in playing in your closet and I saw a present that said ‘To: Alex / From: Santa'”! We sat staring at her slack-jawed. “How did that get in your closet Momma?”, continued Alex, “And there are more presents too! Come look!”. Sue and I continued to gape. “Well I guess I’d better go look Alex”, said Sue eventually and off she went to see how in the world presents to Alex from Santa might have ended up in our closet.

Susie saw the presents (right were she had “hidden” them) and mumbled something to the effect that the presents were really for someone else or something (I didn’t make sense to me, but apparently was good enough for our inquisitive little 6 year old) and quickly changed the course of the conversation by asking Alex just what she was doing “playing” in our closet. Anyway, Alex seemed satisfied and didn’t ask anymore about it.

So how would you have handled that scenario? And no, telling her that Mommy and Daddy are Santa Claus isn’t the answer I’m looking for. I told Sue she should’ve told her that Santa didn’t have room in his sleigh for all her presents and asked if we could keep some in our closet for him until Christmas. But of course that was about 10 minutes later, after my brain started working again.