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Morning: Nov 10

So I’ve had some sort of character encoding issue here at the ol’ website that I’ve been dealing with. After a little investigation it seemed to only affect the last few posts so I manually edited them after tweaking a … Continue reading

Coming Home

The whole Facebook / Cambridge Analytica thing has been on my mind a bit lately. Really all of social media. Apart from these privacy issues, Twitter and Facebook seem to have become the place to visit if you want to … Continue reading

A New Look?

You know when I first designed SGNTN I was pretty happy with the way it looked, but more and more I’ve longed to have something a little less, um, busy. A little cleaner. It’s hard to get motivated to put … Continue reading

Alex’s Blog

My daughter has been asking on and off about a blog of her own, and so I set one up for her at
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My XBOX Speaks

somegeekintn’s Xbox 360 Blog My XBOX seems to say a lot of same things all of the other XBOXs say. Go figure.