Morning: Nov 10

So I’ve had some sort of character encoding issue here at the ol’ website that I’ve been dealing with. After a little investigation it seemed to only affect the last few posts so I manually edited them after tweaking a configuration file to which hopefully makes it clear to WordPress, my database, and anything else involved that, yes, UTF-8 everywhere. Please and thank you.

As I was editing those posts I was like, good lord this is all very depressing. I promise I’m generally not so morose though it certainly appears that way. Maybe I’m only motivated to type out a bunch of nonsense when I’m in a mood. I’ll try and do better about that. Assuming, that is, that I begin writing here with any regularity. Wouldn’t bet the ranch on that.

Also realized I had wrote about my hiatus from working back in Feb of ’21 but neglected to write anything down about my return. Maybe I’ll write something longer at a later date but for now just mention that I’ve been back at the keyboard since July of this year and really enjoying being back. I actually started fiddling around early this year with some microcontroller and IoT development and it was a blast. Especially working so close to the metal. I think it rekindled that spark. Though I’m pretty far away from the metal in my current role at work, it’s been very rewarding nevertheless. 

Alright, I’m going to go do some more tidying up around here. There are something like 300 broken links that I’m slowly going through and fixing or removing for some reason.