Survivor: Rainbow Island

So for some reason I sat down and watched the new Survivor with my wife the other night. And it’s kinda interesting what they’ve done. Basically they are starting with four tribes, each representing a different age group and gender. So we have the “older women”, “younger women”, “older men” and “younger men”. I think these little social experiments are the most compelling aspect of Survivor. There’s already a basic blueprint for succeeding in that game, so observing the psychology of the competitors is the only real interest I have in the show… ok I admit I kinda like when they are forced to eat spiders, grubs, rotten fish or whatever other nasty “food” the producers can dig up.

But anyway, as I was watching the other night I started thinking. Would it be possible in this day and age to have a Survivor with each of four tribes composed of a single race? For example: White, African-American, Asian, and Hispanic tribes. I’m pretty sure this season the show’s producers are just trying to mix things up and not necessarily decide which gender or age group is superior. But have we come far enough along to have this hypothetical scenario pitting tribes of different races against one another? Would it still be considered just entertainment, and if not, why? How would it be different than the battle of the sexes that is being show this season?

Well, I expect battle of the races would be taken much more seriously than battle of the sexes. A shame really, I think it would be interesting. I’m looking forward to the day when racism is behind us and we can lighten up enough to look at our differences objectively yet still realize that we are all equal.