That’s Entertainment!

What do “professional” wrestling, soap operas, and news network talk shows have in common? Pretty much everything near as I can figure. They are all designed to contrive some controversy to keep the audience interested and hopefully talking about the latest “episode” at the water cooler to encourage more viewers/listeners. This, of course, so they can charge higher premiums to their advertisers and make more money. Nothing wrong with that. It’s the American way. (if you believe you are consuming actual news you have my sympathies)

The latest example of manufactured controversy is the War on Christmas. I will grant that there are instances of entities that are encouraging the use of the blasphemous phrase “Happy Holidays”. But nowhere near what the wrestling news personalities, would have you believe. I’m sure they would encourage you to buy their book if you want to know the truth. (hey this ain’t no public service!)

Don’t believe this “war” wasn’t invented in an effort to incite controversy? Have a look at this “fair and balanced” interview.

What’s the emoticon for rolling your eyes? Anyway it’ll be interesting to see what muck will start getting raked come December 26th. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Boxing Day, or Kwanzaa or Festivus and whatever it is you Pastafarians celebrate this time of year.

(thanks to Brittney for leaving the rake out)