Here’s to Griffin

Griffin‘s annual Christmas party was held on the 3rd floor of Bound’ry restaurant here in Nashville and it was a great time as usual. Well, I say as usual, but I’ve only been to one other but I enjoyed myself. Good food, drinks, and company. And you can’t go wrong with a chocolate fondue fountain. And, I somehow resisted the urge to place foreign objects in said fountain.

Some of the clever folks that work here put together a hilarious slide show and song, to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Working in a High Tech Wonderland, I believe it was. It included a picture of Mark and I posing with lightsabers in the conference room (all in the name of research… honest!). Thank you Todd, Derrick, Tom and whoever else worked on the slideshow. Brilliant!

And thanks to Jeff, Heather, Lisa, and everyone else that had a hand in the party. It was great. And finally thanks to Paul for providing such a fun place to work here in Silicon Holler.

Sadly, Sue forgot to bring our camera so we don’t have any of our own pics. It was left on the counter at home. J was not so absent minded. If you have a strange compulsion to look at pictures of geeks eating, drinking and being merry, then have a look at J’s Christmas Party pics on flickr.