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Project 365: First 35 days

35 days in and I’m still going strong with the whole Project 365 thing, despite my wife’s initial skepticism. There were several reasons for starting this little project. First, to try and learn a bit more about taking photos. While I don’t know that I’m any better a recognizing what makes one composition better than another, or how to effectively use light, I do think that I understand the technical details a bit better, and I’ve really gotten to know my camera much better. Continue reading

One of One

Yesterday I left work a bit early for an appointment a had with my periodontist. I left a bit early to give myself time to go home for a courtesy teeth brushing and gargle, and also a trip by the ATM in anticipation of bowling night. As I was driving there, I got a call. Continue reading

Yesterday: A Good Day

Yesterday my son and I out went out for a drive in the countryside, exploring, geocaching and taking a few photos along the way. We drove to the top of a mountain, albeit a Short one, and stood there in a quiet place listening to the wind. Continue reading

Unfortunately named

At lunch today I stumbled across this business card
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flickr update

Some new pictures from the last few days uploaded to flickr including this one of Aaron that I especially like 🙂
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