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Rules are Rules

Speaking of trails: our “lake” property doesn’t actually touch any portion of Center Hill Lake. Almost all of the shoreline is owned and managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. The closest point to the shoreline from our property is … Continue reading

A Rainy Weekend

Streaked Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) Rain kept us indoors most of the weekend sadly. But I could look outside and see that spring was inching its way closer to us and I was anxious to get a closer look. In the … Continue reading

Backyard Trail

Shale Station For those that haven’t been following along on Facebook and elsewhere, Susie and I bought a place overlooking Center Hill Lake last year. Right now it’s our weekend getaway but eventually, hopefully within a couple years, it’ll be … Continue reading

Nice try Catwoman

I had, for a time, a notion that hiking the Appalachian Trail would be an amazing physical and spiritual journey and the adventure of a lifetime. But not only is it a logistical impossibility, I am, at this point in time, so hopelessly out of shape that simply thinking about the Springer Mountain approach trail leaves me gasping for breath and puts me in the mood for pizza.
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