Top’s Up

In Context
Getting closer!

Work continues, albeit slowly, on my built-in bookcase project. Last weekend I got the top up and the lighting installed. I used low profile xenon lights from Rockler and they turned out really well. Super easy to install. The rest of the top, not so much. There were lots of mistakes there, but fortunately, easy to cover up and those that weren’t will be covered by the crown moulding.

There are some visible gaps in the center section on the top panel. That piece just rests there, allowing me access to the wiring / transformer for the lights if needed, so there isn’t any way I can think of to get it to rest flat. Maybe something will come to me.

Also, the computer monitor is absolutely swallowed by the the compartment that it rests in. I may just have to go look for something a little bigger. Bummer 🙂

Other than those minor things, I’m really happy with it. Now on to the moulding, doors, and the search to find a chair that looks like it actually belongs!