Caution: May Contain Politics

I didn’t plan on posting this but the more I think about it, the more aggravated I get. So maybe if I vent a bit I’ll feel better.

Last night I’m playing my little video game with friends and the conversation in Ventrillo turns to politics, as it does from time to time. Some of the people I play with are fairly hard core conservatives, the 20 percenters if you will, so I did my best to ignore it, assuming the topic of conversation would move to something else soonish. The issue, it seemed, was Obama’s stimulus plan which, I gathered from the conversation, would provide money not only to hard working tax paying citizens, but also those who did not make enough money to pay federal taxes. The implication being that a bunch of undeserving slackers who do nothing to contribute to society would be getting a check. At some point I think I chimed and said, sarcastically, yeah that money could be used to pay for bonuses on Wall Street! No one seemed particularly interested in talking about that.

An effort was made by a couple of us, including me, to steer the conversation away from the political discussion. After all, we’re playing a game partly to get away from the troubles that plague the real world. But the conversation drifted back to this stimulus thing again. The idea of poor people getting money from the government so outrageous that more discussion was required. Rather than listen to it, I dropped out of Vent, opting for the sounds of Azeroth rather than the Limbaugh channel.

The problem wasn’t just that I disagree with my friends opinions on the proposed stimulus package. As a matter of fact I’m not sure that I disagree. No, the problem was, that when it was time to bailout Wall Street, there may have been a little grumbling, but nothing on the level of what I heard last night. It made me a little ill to know that the outrage wasn’t caused by the bailout money being used to pay for bonuses, jets, or corporate retreats. Oh no, the outrage was caused by the idea that poor people could be getting a check for $500. $500 of our money that these people did nothing to deserve! Redistribution of wealth! Auntie M it’s a twister! Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!


Look, I’m not convinced that Obama’s stimulus plan is going to work and I’m certainly not convinced that TARP was a good idea, but I’m not nearly as troubled by the idea of giving a few hundred dollars to the very poor as I am giving millions to the very rich. How you can be for the Wall Street bailout, reluctantly or not, and yet begrudge a little help for our less fortunate citizens is beyond me.