Out With the Old

Well, I’ve finally made good on my threat to update my web site. It’s been on my to do list forever and now it’s finally done. Mostly. No need to go into all the details, but what I figured would take me two, maybe three hours, ended up taking something like eight hours. Hopefully, the site is a little easier on the eyes. No more google ads, flickr widgets, or woodsy background images. There’s a Twitter widget in the sidebar, but since Twitter is where I do a lot of my 140 character or less blogging, that seems appropriate. Hopefully these changes will make it easier to maintain and maybe I’ll even start posting regularly again.

I noticed while I was cleaning up I’ve only made eleven posts this year. Eleven! Compare that versus other years:

2002 26 posts*
2003 158 posts
2004 21 posts
2005 80 posts
2006 57 posts
2007 63 posts
2008 11 posts

*Starting in November 2002

There are several reasons I think. Shorter observations and such find their way to Twitter and Facebook. And World of Warcraft consumes a good deal of time and thought. But many times I started a post and then thought, oh, I don’t know if anyone would really be that interested to hear about that. But as I went through my posts I noticed that the stuff I’d written that maybe wouldn’t appeal to a wide audience was the stuff that I found most interesting. Crazy stuff my kids did and milestones in their lives. Or posts about friends and family. My own observations about current events and random stuff I wonder about. A good deal of it about boobs. No surprise there. The posts where I think I was trying to appeal to particular segment, like web developers or Apple fans, was less interesting to me and probably other people as well. Unless you know me, are you going to read some random guy’s thoughts on Apple, or are you going to read Daring Fireball? Although… I do have comments enabled. So I got that going for me.

Anyway, in the future, I guess I should worry less about trying to write on topics that I think will appeal to a particular segment, and more on making a record of my observations of the world around me for my future enjoyment.

One last thing, If your reading this, or even if someone is reading it to you, please leave me a comment and let me know if everything seems to be working right or not. And feel free to add any other comments you may have about the new look. I’d really appreciate it!

Happy New Year! – Casey