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And you won’t have to work for this guy

Though I probably don’t get many visits from the Mac / Windows development community here, I do occasionally write something software development related. And so, I should probably mention that Griffin is looking for both Mac and Windows software engineers.

Griffin is a pretty great place to work. While expectations are pretty high for the employees, there’s not a lot of bureaucracy that gets in the way of actually getting things done, or a time clock, or a strict dress code (you must wear clothes, but this is, for the most part, a good thing). I can’t say there’s really any office politics to worry about. We’ve just got a nice group of bright people together trying to make cool stuff.

Griffin isn’t quite in the same league as a place like Google when it comes to benefits, but we hold our own when compared to most places I think. Lunch is only free on Fridays, there is no on site dry-cleaning service or massages, but if you ask really nice, I’ll give you a massage. You have to ask really really nice. Oh, but we do provide free Segway lessons by a “qualified instructor”. You can see an example of our expert’s Segway proficiency, here, here, and here.

So, if you’re a great software developer looking for place to practice your craft send in a resume… quickly, before we destroy the Segways.