Stupid Google Tricks


This post from the Red Shed aka Jonathan Rentzsch aka Wolf proved an inescapable 15 minute diversion.

The idea is to Google your first name, prepending unfortunately.

  • Unfortunately Casey chose the wrong goals in Southern American countries. no one was supposed to find out about that
  • Unfortunately, Casey’s chief has thousands of young people left at his disposal;
    to use as cannon fodder for his bait-and-switch, corporate profiteering. don’t mess with my chief.
  • Unfortunately, Casey strikes out and all his friends and fans leave him. Wait ’til the chief hears about this… chief?.
  • Burden Brothers have not been posting mean shit about Casey, unfortunately Casey
    has. Those Burden Brothers had it coming.
  • Unfortunately, Casey has himself been demagoging against Social Security
    reform. fat chance.
  • Unfortunately, Casey’s vaccinations were not up to date and dogs in our shelters
    are not vaccinated until they leave the shelter. But my nose is wet. See?.
  • Unfortunately, Casey has only begun to turn on his political machine. This machine employs some of the most negative campaign tactics imaginable. Muwhahahaha!!
  • Unfortunately, Casey is anything but cool. sniff
  • Unfortunately, Casey had an accident, but she’s all better now! What the hell kinda “accident” did that!?