I’m 25 today!

Honest! Of course, I decided my age has I nicer ring to it if I express it using a base 16 numbering system. So what I have told you is true… from a certain point of view. Yeah I didn’t buy it when Obi-Wan said it either. But if our politicians have taught me anything, it’s to always present things in the best possible light and stand firm even what I am saying appears to be an outright lie.

Note: my somegeekintn.com email is hosed for the moment. I’m trying to work this out with Dreamhost (who’s hosting hasn’t quite lived up to the name). If you need to contact me, please try any of my gozillion other email addresses until I get this figured out.

Email update: I guess the folks at Dreamhost kicked the server (they haven’t contacted me) and got my email working again. My apologies if your email bounced.